Maurizio Miri could be defined with two substantives, which in menswear would be rarely on the same hand: Product and Style. The brand introduces a proposal of saleable product with a connotation of style.

A brand new and original point of view that is necessary to be perceived by the final customer as a high-class and, most of all, stylish positioning.

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Maurizio Miri’s jacket doesn’t find any reply either in the mass distribution or in the atelier.
Proportions and cuts are new. The leap of the style innovates the product.
The fit responds to the wishes of the wide audience searching for a classic glamour and its own goal is reaching a wide and diversified target related to the age and silhouette.
Thanks to a deep study of modelling and wearing, which appeals on roundings, bendings on the shoulder and precise centimetres of proportions for the fitting at the waist, its jacket is transversally wearable: it has no age and comes alive on the one who wears it.
It is vigilant on the final price but bets on the sartorial quality of the packaging and materials without discounts and shortcuts.

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Maurizio Mangano, affectionately nicknamed “Miri” was born as the last of seven children in a family of traders.
He got used to sell since the age of 10 in his parents’ store developing a natural vision of the retail necessities and at the age of 14 he is in charge of the family’s private label, engaging himself in men’s total look Although this background, Maurizio Mangano begins to develop his men’s proposal in 2009.
Then he is coopted by Pitti Immagine Uomo international fair as a beginner in the emergent’s pavilion. It is invited at the White how fair in Milan as special guest. It is chosen by Loro Piana during Milano Unica to model with other 9 famous stylists. It was also selected among the 5 best designers in Who’s on Next, an annual contest sponsored by Vogue Italia and Alta Roma.

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