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from corset to blazer

Eight jackets, eight strong pieces dedicated to heroic female figures, immortalized by the imagination of who, as Maurizio Miri, draws reality with the dreams’ light pencil.
Every jacket tells an intimate and legendary story, where femininity and masculinity play at exchanging their roles, heading towards a new identity of Person, more elevated and empathic, less subjugated to gender conformism.

For the first time, Maurizio Miri reinvents the woman jacket, placing it at the center of the feminine wardrobe as a new and essential accessory.

A femininity that needs new expression codes to affirm itself in the contemporary society.

Today the jacket is called to play a completely innovative role, with the same intensity of the symbolic role once represented by the corset or recently by the five-inch heels.

Just as in the men’s collection, Miri’s jacket is still an armor, a uniform and, at the same time, a comfortable cocoon.
However, the same concepts, declined at the feminine level, change form and translate into an invitation to get rid of conventions.

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